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 There are over 2.23 billion people using Facebook. I can help you reach them.

Everyone’s raving about Facebook ads. You see the ‘boost this post’ prompt, and decide to give it a whirl. You click the necessary buttons, the ad gets approved and bish bash bosh, you’re now advertising on Facebook. You check the post later today expecting thousands of viewers and hundreds of clicks. Nope. A measly 13 people. 13. You can’t understand it, that blog post you read by that guy who ‘built a six figure business in less than a year’, said you’d be hitting 2,500 views in less than a day. What could you have done wrong? 

Facebook is a powerful marketing tool, but it is easy to waste money without an effective strategy in place. Luckily for you, I know exactly how to get your business seen. Whether you would like me to manage your ads, train your staff or yourself on how to get the most out of the ads, or you’re an agency looking to outsource, I’m your woman.


About Me

Writer, analyser, creative… I’ve got the skills you need to create a successful Facebook marketing campaign. 

Work With Me

I can teach you everything you need to know about Facebook ads. Don’t have time? Don’t panic, I can do it for you. 


Here, I divulge my top secret tips and tricks for running Facebook ads.