The Best 3 Places To Learn The Art Of Facebook Ads

Thinking about running Facebook ads for your own business?  Or perhaps you want to offer Facebook Ads as a service?  

As someone who has invested a lot of time and energy into creating ecommerce and Facebook marketing courses I can tell you that the opportunities for running impactul and high performing ad campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp are currently huge.

Like marketing guru Gary Vanerchuk says, the true power of Facebook ads comes with combining incredible audience targeting capabilities with creative ad content that is built to work on the platform.

The problem is there’s so much demand for what I do, I just can’t help everyone.

So I’ve come up with a solution.

I’ve put together a list of three essential resources if you want to master the art of Facebook advertising.

Resource #1 Cat Howell’s Facebook Ads That Convert

World-renowned Facebook marketer Cat Howell is frequently globe trotting to speak about the power of Facebook Ads to eager digital marketers everywhere.

Cat offers a fantastic paid marketing community called Facebook Ads That Convert (FATC) which tells you how to execute exactly that, and is packed full of exclusive information for dedicated Facebook marketers.

This exclusive group offers amazingly comprehensive Facebook ad training that also gives you access to some of the best Facebook marketers from around the world… including me!

I love being able to offer my Facebook marketing strategy advice to an audience of engaged marketers, and I’ve made amazing connections with an inspiring worldwide community of marketers.

Another great thing about this marketing community is you pay on a month by month basis, so if you have a really specific issue you want to solve, you can spend a couple of months soaking up the awesome content and picking the brains of world class marketers with no obligation to stay for longer.

It just so happens that I live and breathe Facebook marketing so I’ll probably never leave the group!

Find out more about Facebook Ads That Convert.

Resource # 2 Emma Van Heusen’s ADcelerator Coaching Programme

UK-based Emma Van Heusen runs one of the most comprehensive and hands-on courses for mastering the incredibly powerful Facebook Ad Manager suite.

This is a must-attend course for anyone who wants to develop a career running Facebook ads for businesses.

It’s also a great investment for digital marketers and social media managers looking to expand their skill base.

This course has an additional bonus I’m excited to tell you about. 

I am currently the ecommerce coach on the membership group for Emma’s Facebook marketing course. That means you get to learn directly from me as well as getting all the benefits of taking this essential digital marketing course.

I’ve participated in multiple Facebook courses now, and I can honestly say Emma’s is the best.  She won’t just show you how to run effective Facebook Ads, she coaches you on how to have the right mindset to thrive as a freelancer in this field.  I’ve not seen another course with a more hands-on lead coach than Emma. She is so skilled at imparting essential practical wisdom that this course is just packed with value.

Check out Emma Van Heusen’s 12-week Facebook ADcelerator Coaching programme here.


OK, so I know I started this post saying I can’t help everyone. But there are still limited slots available for my 1-hour Facebook marketing consultations. These are perfect for people who want to get one-on-one help and guidance on all things Facebook ad related. 

This could be helping you get maximum ROI from your Facebook marketing strategy or me rolling up my sleeves and diving into Ads Manager to optimise your campaigns. Whatever you need me to focus on, my 60 minute Power Hours help you pinpoint the issues you need to tackle and gives you a roadplan to tackle them. Book a Power Hour with me here.

Facebook courses and guidance to take your campaigns to the next level…

The Facebook and Instagram marketing courses and communities I’ve recommended here are a great way to take your Facebook ad campaigns to the next level, learn the ropes of this powerful medium, or get your own Facebook ad career off the ground.

Both Cat and Emma’s courses come highly recommended by me, so if you have any questions before you sign up you can message me on Instagram @themarieevans or via my Facebook page.

Bonus resource!

You don’t think I’d leave you without offering extra value, did you?

As a bonus recommendation Facebook’s own Blueprint marketing course is free to access online and offers comprehensive training in digestible five minute chunks. You should definitely check it out in case your issues can be solved by any of their pre-made content, but in my experience nothing quite beats having access to real human beings who are on hand to troubleshoot your Facebook marketing campaigns and offer their hard won expertise. That said, Facebook Blueprint is a really handy resource for searching for quick-fix solutions.

So that’s it, these are my 4 recommended resources for learning the art of Facebook ads. Check out my website and blog for more insights and resources.

Good luck....and now get learning and start earning!