The Best 3 Places To Learn The Art Of Facebook Ads

So, thinking about running your ads for your own business?  Or perhaps you want to offer Facebook Ads as a service? Well, I’ve thought long and hard about creating courses because ultimately I really want to help people, especially small businesses because I think the opportunity with Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp ads at the moment is just HUGE!  However, after much soul searching the honest answer is that I just can’t give the time needed to really give any students the service that I’d want to.

Instead I thought that I would share with you the people that I would highly recommend to set your Facebook Ad knowledge on a steep upward trajectory!  Here are three options that could be right for you and your business:

Cat Howell

Cat is a world renowned Facebook Marketer, hailing from Canada but based in New Zealand but can be frequently found zipping around the world speaking about Facebook Ads to excited digital marketers.  Cat’s paid group is called Facebook Ads That Convert (FATC), in it you don’t just get REALLY comprehensive training but access to a kickass group of Facebook Marketers from all around the world (including me). I’ve made some amazing connections with guys and gals all over the world and I love being part of that global community.

FATC is pricey but it’s a monthly fee, so if you wanted to just go in and absorb all the content specifically for your business (if you run a restaurant and are after leads you wont need the section on e-comm for example) and then apply that you may only need to be in there a month or two. You can cancel at any time, it’s just that as I live and breathe this stuff I will probably never leave. #FATC4Life

If this sounds interesting you can see more about FATC here.

Emma Van Heusen

Emma is based in the UK and runs probably one of the most comprehensive and hands on Facebook Ad Manager courses out there.  This is the one to take if you want to switch into a career running Facebook Ads for clients (which I highly recommend by the way!!) or if you are a digital marketer / social media manager looking to add another string to your bow.  I’ve taken multiple Facebook courses now, and I can honestly say Emma’s is the best. Emma wont just tell you how to run Facebook Ads, she coaches you on how to have the right mindset to work as a freelancer in this field. It’s the only course I’ve done where the lead coach was so hands on imparting their wisdom.  You can see more about Emma’s course here.


Okay, so I know I said I’m not launching a course any time soon, but I do run a limited number of 1hr consultations every month to help business owners get to grips with their ads fast.  Sometimes this is setting ad accounts up and preparing that first campaign, sometimes it’s running through an established account seeing how to optimise and maximise that ROI. Whatever you need, 60 minutes is long enough for me to be able to pinpoint the issues and give you an idea of what you need to do next.  If this sounds like what you need you can book here.

As mentioned, I’ve done a fair number of Facebook ads courses now and I’m recommending Cat and Emma as I’ve got personal experience of how awesome they are.  If you have any questions about these ahead of signing up, then feel free to message me over on instagram (@themarieevans) or via my Facebook page.

Good luck....and now get learning and start earning!

P.S. It would be remiss of me not to mention Facebook’s own Blueprint course which you can access here and is free. However, in my experience, whilst the content is good there’s nothing like learning from someone who has actually been there in the trenches trying to earn a living from this stuff. I try and take in as much information from multiple sources as possible so that I can get a comprehensive view but I stand by my recommendations as outlined above.