How Car Dealerships Can Crush It On Facebook

Facebook is an amazing tool for advertising your car dealership. Many dealerships don’t seem to be aware of the amazing opportunity that exists for their business and how it can totally transform the way you advertise online. The US market seems to have grabbed the bull by the horns so I’m going to share with you here some ways in which they are crushing it so UK car dealerships can take advantage too!

Let’s take a look at how Facebook ads can help your car dealership…

Facebook’s automotive inventory ads

Facebook’s automotive inventory ads help you easily create unique ads for each vehicle you sell by uploading your vehicle catalogue to Facebook. This means you can automatically generate individual ads based on vehicle data such as make, model, year and price… and even customer location and availability.

Facebook ads for lead generation

Facebook ads are a great way to create lead generation for your car dealership.

In one case study, LA-based Galpin Motors used link and carousel ads to reduce its cost per lead by an incredible 60%. This was over just one weekend where they were tapping into the July 4th atmosphere to boost their sales.

The ads also expanded their audience reach by 300% and increased phone calls to their dealership by 20%.

The power of Facebook Audience Insights

They did this by using Facebook’s Facebook Audience Insights tool to build Custom and Lookalike audiences that not only targeted their existing audience but created new audience profiles based on their existing customer data. Here’s how your dealership can do this too:

  • Create a custom audience based on your dealership's data

  • Import your custom audience into Facebook Audience Insights

  • This will produce a multi-page report of aggregated data, including activity, page likes, recent purchases, household data, location and demographics. This data will show you which demographics to target on Facebook based on how Facebook’s audience compares to yours.

Target by demographic

One Sarasota Ford campaign used audience insights to target its cars to women after discovering its audience was majority men.

Target by make and model

Another Ford dealership targeted Facebook’s audience by the type of cars they were interested in. If you were into SUV’s and Pickup’s you were more likely to see their ad in your feed.

This kind of laser-focussed targeting is perfect for car dealerships and it’s incredible this amazing feature of Facebook ads is not being used more.

If you want help on how to increase your dealership’s audience by using targeted Facebook ads, get in touch or book a Power Hour with me and I can walk you through it.