The comprehensive guide to setting up Facebook Business Manager

Does running a Facebook business account confuse you?

How about managing two, three or even four separate pages!? Remember the days when all you had was a personal account and everything seemed so easy? Well, Facebook Business Manager is the perfect tool to help restore order and simplicity to your life.

Facebook Business Manager

What is Facebook Business Manager?

Facebook Business Manager is the ultimate tool to help you collate all of your business Pages and responsibilities into one area. Here you will be able to:

• Check your own Page responsibilities
• Assign and edit the responsibilities of other Page admins
• Create ads
• Check ad reports
• Update your billing details
• Keep track of all your assets (such as images, videos and Ad Audiences)
• Manage all of the Page posts that get published
• Measure audience engagement reports for each post
• Discover pixel codes
• Manage other third partner integrations you have set up

5 simple steps to setting up Facebook Business Manager

1. Syncing up your Facebook account

First off, head on over to the Facebook Business Manager main page, which can be found here. Click the “Create Account” button which can be found in the top right corner. Log in using your existing personal Facebook details. 

2. Creating a Business Manager account

After you log in, you should then be redirected back to the Business Manager home page, where you'll once again need to click on “Create Account”. You can now go ahead and create your account by following the steps and entering some basic details. This includes:

• Your business name
• Your name
• Your business email address

3. Connecting your business Pages

Now it’s time to organise everything. One at a time, go through and sync up any Pages, Ad Accounts and People responsible for managing said Pages. If you do need to sync up any Pages, then you have three options:

1. Add a Page you own - pretty straightforward
2. Add Someone else’s page - if you have roles on a Page you don't actually own, then use this to request access to this account through your Business Manager
3. Create a new Page - Set up a brand new business Page!

4. Syncing your ad accounts

Much like the previous step, you now have three ways to sync up ad accounts to your Business Manager. These are:

1. Add an account you own - Transfer an existing ad account you own to Business Manager
2. Add someone else’s ad account - Request permission to add a different ad account to your Business Manager
3. Create a new ad account - Get started with a new ad account for your business

5. Include any other people

If you wish to add anyone else into your business accounts, then you can do that here as well. Simply select the person you wish to include and then decide on the level of responsibility they'll have. You can decide whether they will be an Admin or an Employee, and what the exact roles they have access to will be. And, well, that's about it!

Start making the most of Facebook Business Manager

Even with your new Facebook Ads Manager all set up, learning how to craft high-quality ads, split test multiple campaigns and optimise Facebook ad ROI is a very confusing business. In fact, far too confusing for me to note everything down here! That’s why I offer a complete Facebook management service for clients all over the world! 

I can help with everything, from formulating new Facebook marketing campaigns to building, testing and optimizing ads all on your behalf. I'll quickly help you broaden your customer base and scale your business. To find out more, simply request a quick call today.

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