CASE STUDY: Success from the get go with wedding e-comm

In Aug 2018 I was approached by an e-commerce company focused on wedding products with an increasingly common problem.  They had a really successful business but built predominantly on Etsy. The client was keen to move away from solely relying on Etsy as their revenue source and wanted to increase revenue to their Shopify store.

Wedding blog.png

In the first two months I achieved:

Revenue - Up 83%

Traffic to website - Up 602%

Average order value - Up 15%

Orders - Up 65%

And crucially a Return On Ad Spend

ROAS x 4

That’s right, for every £1 spent the client got £4 back.

When clients sign up I require an initial 3 month commitment in order to build the required momentum to start getting good results.  So I’m really happy, as is the client, to be hitting these before the end of month 2.

If you’d like to know how I did this and how I can help make your Shopify store more profitable...get in touch today.